The Sling Pump

A completely environmentally friendly, water-driven water pump

Bilden visar Slingpumpen i en älv i Norrland

Picture showing The Sling Pump in a riven in Norrland

The Sling Pump is a product of very high demands and exists in over 26 countries as of today.
The Sling Pump is a self sufficient construction to pump and transport water where power is created from the water stream. The pump is completely mechanical and works regardless of exterior power sources.

All componets are rust- and corrosion free as well as the right dimensions to handle all thinkable  stress and hardship. Installation, operation and maintenance demands no prior experiences or special tools.

Dimension & Performance

Model type: 1-16 2-16 306 410
Diameter 520 620 300 400
Length(mm) 840 1 360 1 300 1 600
Weight (kg) 9 20 15 22
Tube/hose diameter (mm) 16 16 20 20
Necessary water depth (cm) 30 40 30 40
Pressure height (m) 8 25 6 10
Capacity (0,50 m/s) 2 100 l/day 2 500 l/day - -
Capacity (0,65 m/s) 3 150 l/day 4 000 l/day 7 500 l/day 11 700 l/day
Capacity (1,5 m/s) 10 000 l/day 10 000 l/day 15 700 l/day 15 700 l/day


Installation guide:

Price list:

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