Surface decontamination pump for oil and algea that effectively cleans floating contamination from water ways, lakes, ponds etc.

Användningsområdena för Slypen är gruv- och processindustri, reningsverk etc

The usage area for Slypen is within the mine- and processing industry, as well as sewage plants etc.


  • The intake consists of a mobile lip that is being regulated with respect to the level in the tub. When the level is decreased by the submerged pump, surface contamination gets absorbed by the tub. In the SLYPen:s tub the contamination gets separated from the water.
  • At greater exhaustion the SLYPen can complement with drains and sprays for effective absorption and results.

Dimension and performance:

  • The pump can be produced in different sizes varying to fulfill demands and needs
  • The pump can also have other power sources.



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