Per-Olof Karlsson


Been running the company since the 1980′s. The business idea was to develop, make, and sell their own products. Has been running several projects both nationally and internationally in countries such as Tanzania, Sri Lanka, and Ethiopia. Has had many Board of Directors’ assignments. Has a long list of prizes and awards that he has achieved throughout the years for developed products as well as for his entreprenurial roll together with his wife.

Educated Mechanical Engineer, further education within Economy and Administration through Luleå University.



Birgitta Leijonclou

Marketing and Economics

Participation and planning of various conventions both nationally and internationally. Contribution and planning in many international projects in countries such as Sri Lanka and Ethiopia. Her main responsibility/focus are the international customers. Been the CEO of Arctic Nova during the years 2000 – 2002.

University education in Economics and Marketing from Umeå University.



Tina Leijonclou

Marketing and sales

Main focus in marketing and customer relations together with Birgitta.

University education in Business Administration, law and project management.


Thomas Sundqvist

Marketing & Business Development

Technical licentiate (energy technician), chemical engineer.

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